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Inspiring Jewish College Students to Explore their Judaism and Build Jewish Community.

Our Mission

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Hillel of Greater Philadelphia Statement of Mission and Goals

The Mission of Hillel of Greater Philadelphia is to enrich the lives of Jewish students so that they may enrich the Jewish People and the world. Hillel’s immediate goal is to inspire, challenge and empower Philadelphia area students to explore their Judaism, build Jewish community and appreciate Israel as an integral part of their Jewish identities.

The fulfillment of this mission is dependent upon the special characteristics of college/university life, the issues inherent in being a young adult, and the needs of the Jewish community.  Specifically, Hillel of Greater Philadelphia strives to:

1.    Develop resources, marshal leadership and advocate on behalf of Jewish student life;

2.    Create means and opportunities for students to discover, foster, cultivate, and maintain their Jewish identity;

3.    Facilitate the development of communities among Jewish students and help students link their Jewish identity and communities to other Jewish student communities, and to the broader Jewish community [“Klal Yisrael”] on campus, in greater Philadelphia, in the United States, in Israel, and throughout the world;

4.    Create and support an active Jewish presence which is respected on campus, which enriches the college/university’s intellectual, cultural, spiritual, and social life, and which enables Jewish students to live fulfilling Jewish lives;

5.    Educate Jewish students and the larger collegiate/university communities about Judaism, the Jewish People [“Am Yisrael”], its culture, religion, traditions, history, and the Land of Israel; 

6.    Empower student leaders and prepare them for eventual leadership in the broader Jewish community.